• Frank has a motivating management style, eye for detail and a professional approach, resulting in successful projects. Frank has led a number of complex projects for FileLinx. His qualities of connecting and motivating people played a crucial role.

    Frank Bunck
    Frank Bunck Onwer FileLinx - Model Based Application Platform
  • Frank has thoroughly restructured the backoffice and business processes of my company by configuring and connecting several cloud solutions like teamleaderExact Online and Microsoft Office 365. He is a no-nonsense consultant who knows how to structure operations. Frank knows how to get things done!

    Joost Visser
    Joost Visser Owner bARCflooring
  • Frank helped me when my business partners at that time thought they could easily play me. Lawyers didn't have a solution, but Frank managed it. He saved me from personal bankruptcy by negotiating with my business partners and the bank. Hire him when in trouble or if you need change in your company.

    Jeroen Wolterink
    Jeroen Wolterink
  • Frank is a real professional. He encouraged me to leave my job and to start my own business. It was for his listening skills and supporting empathy that I made this transition. I strongly recommend working with him. Frank knows how to empower people. He analyses promptly, critically and has a hands-on approach. I liked his focus on achieving my personal goals. Looking forward to working with him again!

    Manuel Matos
    Manuel Matos Human Resources Consultant
  • Frank was the only executive director I met in my entire career of 16 years as a consultant who was able to encourage his staff to implement a management quality system within 3 months and on top of that got this management system ISO-9001 certified. Partly because of that, he was able to get a grant of 11,5 million euros for Fairfood International from the Dutch government. Remarkable. Hire Frank if you want something to get done! He knows how to move people!

    Hans Gierkink
    Hans Gierkink Consultant Change-Up