When companies/organisations are facing difficult times, top-management assumes too often that the errors within the company/organisation can be fixed, repaired. This is too often an illusion. Companies/organisations don’t function like machines, but more like living organisms. All living organisms die. Some after one day, some after 100 years. Short or long lived, they have contributed to the bigger whole. And so do companies and organisations. The life-expectance can be prolonged, and of course smaller problems should and can be fixed, but eventually there is an end to every organisation. There are almost no companies or organisations that exist longer than 100 years. But every ending is a new beginning as well. Like the compost of the dying tree empowers the new ones. This insight should be used to approach smaller and bigger problems within companies and organisations in a different way.

The most important is to embrace the reality that companies and organisations are no machines, but kind of living organism. By embracing this reality, we can better fix smaller problems within companies and organisations, and built new companies and organisations while preserving the treasures of the old companies and organisations, especially knowledge and human capital.

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