People want change, but people don’t want to change. That’s the big paradox. We feel and see the need for change, in the society, within the organisation we work for, and within our private lives, but when it comes to really changing ourselves, or to take initiatives for change within our organisation, uncertainty about the future and anxiety blocks us from taken action. When it comes to action, we come up with all kind of excuses to not change or at least to postpone. Recognisable?

Do you see the need for change, within your organisation or in your private life, but you don’t know how to get there? You feel kind of stuck? Don’t know where to start? Need somebody to advice you, to coach you or to take the lead temporary within your organisation or department to implement the change? Contact me! Because I can help you to navigate through this difficult change phase! I have been in the change business for 29 years, helping individuals and organisations to change efficiently, effectively ánd in a sustainable way.

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