Are you or your organisation currently facing a severe crisis? Then act and seize the opportunities! If you act promptly, accurate and with resolution, this crisis will make you stronger!

A crisis situation creates a lot of uncertainty for you and for your staff and it triggers many emotions, because an emergency situation preludes the unavoidable end of the status quo. There is no way back, which might paralyze you, and creates huge resistance among your staff. Therefore, almost every person or organisation needs an outsider, who manages the crisis situation and drags the organisation through this phase. A crisis manager with strong analytical skills, a lot of creativity and enough emotional distance in order to make comprehensive and objective decisions and push them through.

I have 29 years of crisis management experience. I have helped out many people and organisations navigating through severe emergency situations. Herewith a few examples:

  • Forced culture change – from inward looking to outward looking – at a Portuguese tech company when turnover radically decreased.
  • Pushed Dutch branch of international company to radically ‘kill’ bureaucracy.
  • Convinced Dutch bank to write off part of the debt after value of the house became lower than the value of the mortgage (after the credit crunch of 2008).
  • Forced bank to debt remission when Dutch design company faced bankruptcy.

Contact me in order to discuss how I can help you or your organisation to navigate through a current emergency situation.

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