Welcome to my website.

I am an activist, advisor and coach. I do several things.

My activisme is focused – for now – on The Netherlands . I oppose the madness of our time: racism, poverty, arms export, concentration of power, police brutality, repression to name just a few topics. I speak out publicly and organize nonviolent actions to stop this madness.

Help other activists
I mobilize, advise and help other people to also resist the madness of our time.

Conflicts with government agencies and multinationals
I advise and coach people and act on behalf of people who have a conflict with the Dutch government or multinationals. Through my activism I have gained a lot of experience in how to approach government agencies and multinational companies.

Do you also have a conflict with a government agency or multinationals? Contact me! Maybe I can help you too. In recent years, it has often functioned successfully as a crowbar for people who had conflicts with the Dutch government or multinationals. I operate within the framework of the law. But on the edge if necessary.